Stop Over Produce — Make less of dead stock — Pre-order/Made-to-order.

Visarud Rattanachaikanont
2 min readOct 21, 2020

Stop Over Produce — Make less of dead stock — Pre-order.

Made-to-order fashion is the future, and patience is a virtue. By only making what customers demand, they can minimize waste and manage their labor more effectively — the antidote to fast fashion’s need for speed. Plus, it’s a good way to test your commitment to a trend. If you can’t wait a few weeks for that new outfit, maybe it wasn’t such a must-have after all.

“You end up talking on less risk as you see what the customer wants” — Madeleine Mcladee

Made-to-order can give exclusivity and value to the customer. Normally, the categories of these products are shoes, dresses, and pants to bring choice or any optional to let the customer own unique products.

What if the customer can not see the product, how to make them interest?

Social media is the way to help the brand drive the product sell easily. Fashion Photography can convince customers to access the product touchable through the image. Promoting the campaign or product online that how special in this strategy.

The notion of fashion, its aims to stop overproduce the products to make less waste to the stock. However, in conflict, this idea of stop overproduction still creates an environmental impact such as pollution, waste. Throughout this project, I would like to raise the awareness of the over produce is destroy the environment to the people by using the pre-order strategy. To make the product have exclusive, and value on what they consume. Though my predict to raise the issue of creating new fabric it’s one method to solving the product dead in the warehouse. Despite it can fix just a surface, the issue