Open Studio 2 — !

Visarud Rattanachaikanont
3 min readDec 10, 2020

One reason that cause mass consumption is fast fashion, there are brands that produce cheap products with huge quantity in short seasons. It creates a trend that comes and go in short time and will create lots of left over producst in the factory also customer mostly wear it once because the trend changes very fast so it becomes wastes.

Fast fashion controls consumers behavior with cheap prices that easy to afford. Some brands launch new product every week. So I started to observation in the sewing factory. To see how they work. In the production process it always have some left over cloths. Those material the factory sells to middleman, donate and recyling. After than I survey into recycling and textile factory

After that, I survey the recycling and textile factory to see how they make new fabric from waste material.

Even fast fashion effects the environment but fashion industry have to move on. I my opinion fast fashion can not stop but what we can do is to slow it down and make it more sustainable.

There are many rags of left over cloths from the factory after finishing the product. From my perspective, I think it’s still valuable.

So I compare handcraft and factory-made to see benefits. In terms of producing process new fabric, the factory can produce the repetition product by using the same module. It can digest all the waste fabric to make it into thread and then weaving into new fabric. Handmade will left the detail of craftsmanship and style in each piece. Also can use so many techniques with it which makes the product has more value and story. What I like is using the same shape of rags that used to be from the factory to stitches. On the other hand, I discuss with myself that in the amount of waste fabric in the garment how much do they make waste in one day.

What if I bring rags from the factory to manipulate into fashionable clothes or textiles.

My project is about reusing materials from sewing factory and old clothes and create new materials for fashion industry. My objective is to reduce waste from fashion industry and to show waste materials are still valuable for fashion industry.

In my experiment, I tried to use different bonding techniques to create materials for fashion such as textile that can inform new way of wearing and show possibilities of using waste to creates new materials.

I collected rag from the sack bag to sew it together to make new fabric, the result becomes very unique by the shape itself that randomly from the factory. Then I draw the pattern into the fabric and cut it out to making a vest.