After open studio 3, I plan to ask my friend to help me figure out how to make a fashion film indeed. He suggest me to use greenscreen and the actual place mix into the video to keep contrast and virtualization of the film balancing. Also the technique when editing size of the frame and stuff.

  • Here is some of the samples (video will upload soon)

In my process, I sew the off-cut cloth into the new pattern by using the possibility from each piece to develop. I sketch some of the patterns in the notebook and analyze them.

Also, think about how I can keep the evidence from what I have done. So it becomes I separate space into 3 parts are taking a picture of off-cut pieces

I Interviewed the owner of a sewing’ manufactory located around Lad Phrao. In the process of making each clothes, there are scrap and rags approximately 30 percent from cut off. Then he sells to the middleman to get money back but they are still keeping in the warehouse. …

The way to making fashion more sustainable, I research the strategies of made to order which can eliminate the dead-stock issue. But this may can not pure working because we don’t know the human behavior some people used once some might be used every day. Even-though the brand using high-quality and sustain material, it would not work if the customer still being wasteful. The problem of waste is getting along with the fashion industry for a long time. It still has in this era. So I believe it can not stop producing, if it does fashion have to die either.

Why don’t we make material from waste production?

So I decided to focus on textile design. This is including the design and process making of the material experiment (avant-garde). I think this method is going to establish the vision of sustainable material and fashion more exquisite.

Visarud Rattanachaikanont

A communication design student

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